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Why do YOU like IndyCar?

August 23, 2011 1 comment

Yesterday, we did a contest. It was an ordinary Monday and let’s face it: sometimes, ordinary Mondays just aren’t acceptable. We decided to stand on the gas and make it a… #FunMonday. ‘Heck, we should even give some stuff away,’ we thought.

Little did we know that you – the fans – would make it a #MegaMonday. We posed one little question: ‘Why do YOU like IndyCar?’ Suddenly the flood gates opened, and your tweets and facebook posts started rolling in. We lost count at 100. We started re-tweeting everyone’s answers until we realized we were probably filling up people’s feeds with ONLY IndyCar lovin.’ Which isn’t a bad thing, right?!

Sometime during the day, we received this tweet from @Tiffamsmith: “Can I just say, this is a cool #FunMonday it’s great to hear what everyones favorite part of #indycar is.”

And that gave us an idea. Instead of filling your feed, why not post everyone’s answers so that the festival of IndyCar infatuation can be perfectly preserved for you to peruse whenever you need to. Perhaps you might have a bad day. Perhaps the off-season will leave you yearning. Or perhaps you just want to find other die-hards to follow on twitter or friend on facebook. Whatever you need… this list is here for YOU. Enjoy. But be warned: it might make you feel all warm and fuzzy. You might even think you smell ethanol or hear engines roaring. But don’t worry, that’s normal. It’s all part of being a fan of this great sport we call IndyCar.

@pjsirrah The drivers, the tradition, the Indy 500.

@TeamCanada1 My 10 yr old son, “The cars are wicked fast, the drivers are so cool, and I get to hang out with my Dad all weekend!”

@1984Topher 11 rows of 3 every May roaring to life for the Greatest Spectacle! @IMS

@indycaradvocate I love IndyCar b/c to me, it represents home, tradition, & something I can share w/ loved ones. Also, it’s badass.

@bauerracing I love the vast array of types of tracks & drivers from around the world

@burk992 I love open wheel racing! I love street circuits! I love fast cars and hot liveries! #indycar

@TeamSpeed11 I like Indycar because you can always count on Brian Barnhart to screw up the order at the end of a race.#PTwon2002Indy500 #NHMS

@Deke15 I like #indycar for the technical skill of the drivers and crew, the rush of the speed and sound, and bonding time with my pops

@hywyldy I like IndyCar for the power & sound of the engine that gives me goose bumps & that the drivers race hard & r friends @ days end

@bwilson_27 I love @IndyCar because we don’t think it’s out of the ordinary to have men & women racing together; diverse tracks and drivers.

@Pigfarmer65 At the ripe old age of 7 we visited Indy, took a tour, rode in a van around the track, and bought a AJ Foyt model to assemble

@rbb9753 I love everything about IndyCar, especially now that Princess Sparkle Pony is leaving! Go Simona!

@forest_de A real sport where all can compete equally & fairly without prejudice according to Brian B.

@78BigMike Real race cars have no doors or fenders. Nothing like the smell of race fuel in the morning, even better then an espresso

@kimostyle I love #IndyCar because the insanity of racing open-wheel inches apart at speeds that can spell disaster is beyond normal sport.

@Lloydguy82 I like #IndyCar because it isn’t  #NASCAR No rednecks tryin 2 kill each other by crashing into each other instead of using driving skill to pass

@Matt_Earl I like #IndyCar because was born in Indy, in May, into a family that values tradition & history. My family genes – are bricks!

@Fygus00 For my answer, see “Jesse Vincent” post on facebook.

@scottjwett I like #Indycar because you have a chance to meet the drivers like @simdesilvestro at every race and the Indy 500 is Awesome!

@raexco I love #IndyCar because i’m fascinated with the amount of money that’s involved with the sport.

@DonnyKnoblauch It’s all about the pork chop!

@nipped The beer and the b……. & speaking cars, The Hoff in the 5 million Vegas challenge & incredible social media campaigns.

@StPeteRays #IndyCar rocks b/c of fantastic tracks in St. Pete, Indianapolis, São Paulo, & Long Beach…and they’re not afraid to turn right!

@Glen_Christo I ❤ #IndyCar cause of the great technically skilled drivers on technical tracks drives/teams are SO FAN FRIENDLY & PC is amazing

@baylay I still get chills when I hear the start of the engines. #indycar has the best most diverse drivers & even a car that tweets.

@kspangle57 I love #indycar because I’ve been hooked on it since my 1st 500 as a kid. I saw Mears win # 4 & since then I can’t get enough

@Only1Rooh I love #Indycar because you have a car that tweets (-: @78_PORKCHOP

@SQAutosport You have to love #IndyCar because every driver is out there to win. There’s no “start and park” in real racing. 🙂

@bobbiob69 I love indycar beacuse of the excitement and anticipation that happens right before the green flag flies

@madtad1 The “brrrrmmm pop pop pop”, the smell of ethanol, the cheering, and “staying tuned for the greatest spectacle in racing”!

@swenj28 I love #IndyCar racing because of personalities like @simdesilvestro, who names her race car “Porkchop.” #awesome!

@cha_rules I love #IndyCar because it’s has the fastest & most entertaining drivers in the world!

@78BigMike Go straight, turn left, go straight, turn left, go straight, turn right, CRASH…… thats nascar for ya

@yieldtobob The Mac and Cheese in New Hampshire….

@3Paige14 I like #indycar because I love the speed, the diveristy of men & women from various countries. And how can you forget the 500?

@felipegana Now seriously, I like IndyCar because of the speed, competitive races in most tracks and, of course, the history of the 500.

@Oilpressureblog Four generations of my family attending the Indianapolis 500. I hope to someday take grandchildren there to make it five.

@miranda3535 I love Indy because once a year my dad and I get to spend quality time at KY speedway and enjoy something we both love together

@mkelso2009 I love @IndyCar racing because it’s the most fun you can have with your pants on! “I’ve got the need, the need for speed!”

@RussBeckner99 I like #indyCar because it is the best of the best! The best drivers, the best cars, the best teams, and the best fans!

@vc46880 I love that there are competitive women drivers that are tougher than most guys!

@indycarrie I love Indycar because most of the drivers are fan-friendly and brave enough to do 220 with their butt inches off the ground!

@spikerogan I love #INDYCAR racing because there are always fans and teams that bitch more than me.

@bauerracing I love the vast array of types of tracks & drivers from around the world

@kylelewis1 I love #Indycar because it’s brought my dad and I closer and all the drivers treat me like family. Especially Simona!

@ReidMyLips1947 #IndyCar is the best because @GINAUNSER said so. #fearthewhip

@markvphotos Even though I’m a bigger NASCAR fan, #IndyCarhas more access to drivers, teams and way cheaper which makes for a better time.

@MagooTheSTIG #indycar is engineering at its best, It’s like Carbon fibre pornography! lol #badexample

@ttturner68 If you ever get to sit in stand E, the day before Memorial day you will be hooked for life.

@racecardogs Simona!!! Excitement noise on pit lane, traffic jams in garage for inspection fan access to it. Pace car ride with Al Unser Jr!

@WhateverJoel Tenderloins #IndyCar

@Nytewynd18 I love Indy bcuz I can get F1 type cars & tracks with Nascar type ovals & fan friendliness..along with the Vroom of the engines

@dddavi2 220+mph, highly skilled, personable brave drivers, history, atmosphere at the track, can’t really explain it just makes me happy.

@marciomagrao I Like #Indycar because accessible and friendly the drivers and teams, and.. #ILoveDanicaPatrick go 7

@Erock_in_Indy I love #indycar because of amazing fan friendly teams like you. We fans have untouchable access in the professional sports world.

@GrumpyGreyhead IndyCar is great because you can’t take your eyes off it for a second. Plus Justin Wilson is in it and he’s a local boy!

@boba259 I like #IndyCar because of the bump drafting, restrictor plates, JR and … … wait ….

@styx4me The history, the speed, the drivers, and of course… Indianapolis! 🙂

@SimdyCar I love @indycar because of the heart and courage of the drivers. It takes alot to drive 200 MPH, and Indy drivers have it all.

@KAW61 Indy Car racing has great fans, tracks, drivers, owners and sponsors. The racing is the best in the world.

@scott_linn Track diversity (superspeedways, short ovals, street, and road tracks) proves a true championship driver and team.

@Beard77 I love the speed and diversity of track and the drivers

@misfit815 The speed, the technology, the tracks, the history, the people, the narrow margin of error, and, of course, the 500.

@echan50 I like #IndyCar is the diversity: tracks, drivers, teams, fans, location of races. You name it & there’s something everyone likes

@LarsMcNunya What’s not to like about!/search?q=%2… ??? fans of F1 and NASCAR should watch a race or 3. They’re really missing out

@BrandonCarder Like because its a diverse group of drivers and lets be honest, that Honda engine shifting thru the gears is the best sound ever!

@vasser40 Do I like Indycar? Ya, you don’t know what Indy means to me…

@cvillalobos_27 Single file restarts, TGBB, 2003 car still in use, TGBB

@airboy58 I like #IndyCar because of the tradition, history, speed , sounds , wonderful athletes like Sim!

@bernieh48 I like the open air cockpits and the speed!

@timwheatley1979 I like to guess what decision the IndyCar officials are going to make, adds a whole new level to the sport.

@SP_McCormick Indycar is special because of the educated fans, the brilliance of the engineers, the speed, the skill, the history, the access.

@adrianbrier Speed of cars, skill of drivers, drivers that appreciate the fans, INDY 500 and different venues you can travel to #IndyCar

@92dakotahd I like #IndyCar Driver & team personalities. Good racing, road/street variety. Awesome cars & the welcomed overload in May!

@DominicArcherK Because #IndyCar it’s the best open wheel championship in the World with Ovals, Road & Street Tracks & top drivers like Simona 🙂

@alleygroup #indycar has close calls, photo finishes, the bravest drivers, the best sounds, the ethanol exhaust smells SO sweet & they RACE!

@macBobmckenzie #IndyCar Fast, Skilled Drivers, high tech cars, ovals and twisties, been around since 1911, American as apple pie and hot dogs

@wmoyer650 I like #indycar because I can show my two daughters that their are women racing and they should do it to

@menards44 Always has been and will always be the greatest racing in the world!!!!!

@MVBN15 What’s not to like about #Indycar? Speed, drama, SPEED, accessibility, variety, Indy 500, it’s not NASCAR and SIMONA!

@mad_mahler I like @IndyCar because there’s no where in the world can you see 230MPH cars running wheel to wheel battling hard for the win!

@Russ125 IndyCar-because of tradition, accessibility to the fans and you gotta admire anyone driving 230 with their butt 2″ of the ground.

@Snow61 Nothing puts you on the edge of your seat like watching an IndyCar fly around a track at 230+mph. The drivers are true athletes.

@osca11 I’ve loved it since 1946 because it was all about innovation, and I pray we’ll return to that soon!!

@RickWright46052 I love #indycar because of the history,the legendary drivers past and present,The Indianapolis 500 and the driver/fan interaction

@kraegar I love Indycar racing for the drivers, their love of racing, the speed, and the tension it all creates during a race!

@tstewartluvr14 I like how the drivers are never afraid to say how they feel- whether they are angry or happy! The racing is great too!!

@MikeT0425 I love #IndyCar because all the drivers take time to talk to their fans and appreciate the support fans give them.

@RHITME03 It’s the drivers – talented, personable, accessible, and fierce competitors.

@TomTaylorMLIS I like #IndyCar for its diversity in racing on ovals, road & street courses.

@ninofilipe I like #IndyCar because the cars are really fast, and because there are beautiful and fast girls as Simona 🙂

@LugnutUSA I got hooked on #IndyCar because of the classic Indycar sim by Papyrus; been hooked ever since:…

@chrismie666 When I hear the greatest words in racing and thise engines fire I get goosebumps at 39 the way I did at 6.

@driverswanted07 Diversity: women and men, ovals/streets/airports/road courses, multiple nationalities and the sound and SPEED!

@nipped Indycar is 1 of the few sports where Europeans beat Americans at their own game. Love how international the sport was and will be.

@brentjlf Tradition, Competition, Family. Been to 500 since ’92. Best times of my life have been with fam at Indy. Best drivers in world.

@andhesonit 4 open wheels, 200 mph speeds, & 100 years of tradition. #kaBOOM

@CogitoErgoBibo I love that women compete side-by-side with men in Indycar. Can’t say that about many sports!

@EdwardF78 I like it bcause drivers personality/character makes attractive to watch, rules make IC real prof. its competive & I like Simona

@Tonyd6624 IIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYY, Speed, drivers, hot women, excitement,altercations, side by side racing close finishes

@bauxoffice Diverse tracks, fast cars, the best drivers from around the world, intense racing, nerves of steel.. and oh yeah, the Indy 500!

@Tiffamsmith I like #indycar because it’s something me & my dad have enjoy together since I was a little baby. #FunMonday

@fleshwound_NPG The best races and RACE (500), best speed, best history, best ladies (yours, SdS!) and soon the best sound (turbos!) and CARS.

@dddavi2 How do you get a novel down to 140 characters????!!!!

@curtisboggs Tradition, history, speed, bravery, drama, excitement, indianapolis. #WhyILoveIndyCarRacing

@ParkerKligfan29 I like Indycar because of the mix of ovals & road courses and the excitement to it. All drivers have personalities that differ!

@VanceCooley I love how accessible and friendly the drivers and teams are. #indycar

@Nytewynd18 I like Indycar bcuz it has fast cars, like @78_PORKCHOP , & gr8 drivers like @simdesilvestro who reach out 2 fans @ track & here

@GL2488 The fast action and the sounds of the Indycars racing by, whats not to like about Indycar!

@CovertDad I LOVE #IndyCar because of the fast cars, versatile drivers, and the tradition. It takes GUTS to run 230 MPH with no fenders!

@cedricalbert85 There’s many kind of tracks, only one car model: it’s the driver who makes the difference… GO SIMONA!!!!!!!!! 🙂

@tylerjohnsonosu I like IndyCar because of its rich tradition. The need to go faster than the guy before you. The sport has more history than most

@sklein31 The high speed! Wheel to wheel excitement! Ovals, road, street, and airport circuits! The drivers! The sound of the cars!

Laine Bryant (via facebook): Because it’s AWESOME!!!!!

Mike L. McClanahan (via facebook): What I like about IndyCar: Well let’s see…NO “green-white-checker” finishes, and perhaps best of all, NO silly mascots named “Digger.” J

Deborah Drake (via facebook): 230mph

Justin Welling (via facebook): Oval restarts in the rain

Jeff Chiszar (via facebook): Because it keeps me on the edge of my seat instead of just in it.

Kevin Rutherford (via facebook): All of the above and it’s real racing.

Kathleen Weaver (via facebook): I love the look of the cars, the roar of the engines and that women get to drive.

Justin Welling (via facebook): Spinning around tires to set the grid instead of that pesky ‘qualifying’ thing they used to do. 😀

Tyler Stover (via facebook): My dearly loved grandpa was a huge Indy fan and introduced me to the sport. I still love it for the close competition, mix of oval and road courses, and great driver personalities.

Sam Myers (via facebook): It’s different from stock car racing.

Charles Brooks (via facebook): It’s true racing. No restrictor plates, just flat out racing…

Tammy Neill (via facebook): It’s all about the drivers making the right decisions and how well the car is performing!!! And it’s absolutely nothing like Nascar and that’s a major plus for me. Not a Nascar fan at all.

Jesse Vincent (via facebook): Let’s put it this way. I JUST NOW read an article about how NASCAB is considering slowing the cars down to create more passing…really? When IndyCar Introduces the side pod extensions and all that a couple of years ago, or last year, it was to help increase performance in a certain aspect in the car. NASCAB wants to decrease performance to make things more exciting. IndyCar is about increasing performance and technology. The most technologically advanced part of a stock are is the LED light up dashboard. They were SOOO proud of their new “Self venting gas cans.” They use power stearing. They think running of .5 and 1.5 oval between 9 and 14 degrees is is VERY diverse schedual. The only way you could make the Indycar Schedule more diverse is to add a dirt track. (hint hint) Point is….IndyCar drivers are the cream of the crop, and the cars, though 16 years old, are still the most advanced cars in America, bar ALMS prototypes. The connection between the series and the fans is phenominal. The teams, ESCPECITALLY HVM are soooo fan friendly. When you go to a race, you can walk right up to a driver, a team owner, a driver manager, anyone. I stopped Randy at Barber in March, and he was fine with us walking with him and talking with him. The drivers themselves, most of them run a veriaty of Disciplines. Drivers in other series, bar ALMS once again, typically run that and that alone. Anyway, I’ll leave it there so that this comment will still fit in the box. ;]

Larry Speener (via facebook): The SOUND!!!!!!!!

Joseph M Zirkelbach (via facebook): The total package of oval, street and road races. It is a true test of how good a driver and team really are. I have been a fan for 25 years and hope to be for many more.

Ralph Simpson (via facebook): For the speed, excitement, getting together with friends & blogging about the results, plus you can get close to drivers which is not possible in some series.

Michael Eugene Johnson (via facebook): The speed, diversity of the tracks, the drivers, and the Indianapolis 500, the greatest race in the world (every other race pales by comparison)!!!

Michael Eugene Johnson (via facebook): No artificial “chase”!!! The driver with most points for the entire season is crowned champion!!!

Elizabeth Dagen (via facebook): Completely the same reasons everyone above has mentioned PLUS the smell of Ethanol! 😉

Dorline Harris (via facebook): It’s fast, furious, fun, fantastic, fabulous, fan friendly, and I live in Indiana and have always known about the Month of May!!

Steve Tames (via facebook): First it is because of the Indianapolis 500, The Greatest Spectacle in Racing, then the Drivers with their great character and personality. These drivers are supported by the owners who are always working to improve their teams and become a top line program. All of this is done with Passion. Finally there is the atmosphere and colors at each and every event.

Mark Green (via facebook): Because real race cars don’t have doors, don’t have fenders!

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Simona Accomplishes Goals at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

August 23, 2011 Leave a comment

August 14, 2011 – Loudon, New Hampshire – Going into the race weekend at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Simona De Silvestro and her HVM Racing team had two goals in mind: race smart and race safe. After a rough stretch of racing on the ovals following a massive crash at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the team knew that regaining De Silvestro’s confidence would be paramount.

De Silvestro completed all four practice sessions of the weekend without incident and was ready for Sunday’s 225-lap race. From the start, the Indy225 was chaotic. Incidents on the start and restart moved De Silvestro up several positions. Approximately 75 laps into the race, the yellow flag came out as rain sprinkled the track. The Nuclear Clean Air Energy team pushed forward, trying to keep pace and drive a smart race.

As several other cars had contact or mechanical issues, De Silvestro gained a few more positions. With only a few laps to go, the yellow flag flew again, due to rain. Most of the teams expected to finish the race under yellow, but officials decided to restart, causing some of the field’s leaders to crash. The restart was aborted, with results decided on running order from when the yellow flag dropped. De Silvestro finished P16, a finish that she looked at as a small victory.

“It was a pretty crazy day out there, but I’m really happy just to get that monkey off my back because now I know I can do it,” says De Silvestro. “I think the Nuclear Clean Air Energy car was pretty quick. The team has given me a good car – it’s really comfortable to drive and I didn’t have to do too much inside, so that was really helping me because I could just work on my momentum. We started to figure everything out towards the end. I’m really happy with that. Now we’re going to go back to road courses after a good oval so I think confidence will be pretty good. Then I can go to Kentucky and really build on that. I think we’ll have a really good end of the season.”

From east coast to west, De Silvestro and the other drivers of the IZOD IndyCar Series will compete at Infineon Raceway. From the rolling hills of Sonoma, California, the Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma will take place on Sunday, August 14 at 4 p.m. EDT and will be aired live on VERSUS TV.

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The Sky’s the Limit for Simona at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

August 23, 2011 Leave a comment

August 13, 2011 – Loudon, New Hampshire – Simona De Silvestro has seen adversity and risen to the challenge. She and her team at HVM Racing arrived at New Hampshire Motor Speedway this week with two goals in mind: be smart and be safe.

The Swiss driver’s sophomore season hasn’t been without challenges, including a massive crash during practice at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and another during qualifying at The Milwaukee Mile. The incidents affected De Silvestro both physically and emotionally. Since June, she’s been working hard to overcome her issues and regain her position as one of IndyCar’s rising stars.

De Silvestro has made a strong comeback, completing some solid runs on the various road courses on the IZOD IndyCar schedule. With a background in road course racing, the comeback came naturally. However, returning to an oval for the first time since the incidents has been a challenge. One that De Silvestro is determined to conquer, one step at a time.

“I think we’re making improvements,” says De Silvestro, “but honestly, I think it’s really about my confidence. It’s going to be a tough weekend and a busy race tomorrow, but the important thing is to finish and for me to get comfortable because that’s the only way we’re going to get better. I think that if you take too big of a risk and something happens, you just take ten steps back and that’s really not what I want to do. I really want to look forward, so that’s the goal.”

De Silvestro will start Sunday’s Indy 225 in P24. The 12th stop on the IZOD IndyCar schedule will be broadcast live on ABC. Pre-race coverage will start at 2:45 p.m. ET with the green flag dropping at approximately 4 p.m.

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Simona Executes Solid Run at Mid-Ohio

August 23, 2011 Leave a comment

August 7, 2011 – Lexington, OH – On Sunday afternoon, Simona De Silvestro persevered at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course to add another solid run to her sophomore-season record. Despite a rough start and an early pit stop incident, she was able to focus forward and cross the finish line in P12.

As the Honda Indy 200 began, De Silvestro’s No. 78 Nuclear Clean Air Energy car got sandwiched between J.R. Hildebrand and Tony Kanaan. She didn’t sustain any damage, but incident caused her to lose two positions. Later, on lap 21, De Silvestro clipped the front right tire that was sitting in Marco Andretti’s pit box (directly behind HVM’s) as both drivers came in for a stop. De Silvestro moved back to P22, but was able to make up the positions throughout the remainder of the race.

“Overall, I think we did okay today,” said De Silvestro. “At the start, we kind of got checked up and lost a couple of positions, but the car felt good and we gained them back. I think we had a good pace by ourselves, but in traffic, it wasn’t easy to make passes and I think other drivers struggled with that too.”

Now, she’s looking toward the rest of the season and setting new goals.

“I think we just need to improve our qualifying attempts. Last year at Mid-Ohio, we started further up front and were able to stay there, so I think if I can work with the Nuclear Clean Air Energy crew to focus on qualifying, we can do that again. That will really help us.”

The stars and cars of the IZOD IndyCar Series head to Loudon, New Hampshire next weekend for the Indy 225. The 13th race of the season will take place at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway, where the series hasn’t raced since 1998. Fans can catch all the action at the track on Sunday, August 14 at 3:30 p.m. EDT or on the telecast, airing live on ABC.

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Improvements Continue as HVM Racing Looks Toward Race Day at Mid-Ohio

August 23, 2011 Leave a comment

August 6, 2011 – Lexington, OH – Each track session at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is bringing new improvements for Simona De Silvestro and her HVM Racing team.

After the first session on Friday afternoon, the Nuclear Clean Air Energy team posted a P11. An encouraging result, given that traffic prevented her from giving it all she could with the car.

“At the end there, on new tires, we didn’t really get a clean lap,” she said, “but I think we were able to use the things we learned at the test last week. I’m happy with how things are evolving here.”

The second session on Saturday morning gave the team even more time to make improvements heading into qualifying. De Silvestro had a great qualifying run with a time of 1:08.42112, putting her P7 in her group by less than a tenth of a second. She’ll start Sunday’s race in P14.

“It’s kind of frustrating, but I think we’ll have a strong car for the race. It’s kind of tough to pass here – we’ll aim for making some passes at the start and go from there. We’ve been starting from this position several times this season and managed to come out with a good result, so we’re going to work a little bit more for tomorrow and see what we’ve got.”

The Honda Indy 200 will take place on Sunday at 2:45 p.m. ET, with pre-race activities beginning at 2 p.m. The 85-lap race is the 12th on the IZOD IndyCar Series schedule and will be aired on VERSUS.

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